In the corner of my study, behind a white cabinet door, lives a stack of cardboard ream boxes containing twenty-three unpublished books; received writings, essays, four novels, and six collections of stories. I’ve written hundreds of stories over the years, some published, but most not, including these:


1 – From Torah Told Different
Genesis Chapter Zero
The Life of Sarah
Alexandria – The Hidden Text
Sadie’s Same Old Shabbat 


2 – From Queering the Text
The Seeker
In the Heart of the Heart of the Palace
My Forsaken Garden
Mincha: Gazing Out of a Window 


3 – From little pictures
the novelist as a child
the novelist and the alien
the novelist


From Small Epiphanies (unpublished)
Nanny’s Garden


4 – From Life in the 23rd Century (unpublished)
The Art of Poetry in the Milky Way Galaxy


5 – From Rivkeh’s Sewing Machine (unpublished)
Tea With Freud and Einstein 
Rivkeh’s Sewing Machine


6 – From Abducted by Aliens (unpublished)
Ten’tsur Exploratory Mission # 931 to Planet # 2536-88-199/3
Brain Surgery
Eden Gardens


Celebrating the Seven Days of Shavuot: A Journey of Revelation and Relationship


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