Uriel’s Web

The following information was given to me by the archangel Uriel in 2001 and 2002. Uriel is the least known of the major archangels or over-lighting angels, as I’m told they prefer to be called, the others being Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Uriel’s work is about attuning us to the planet and to each other. Like all angels, Uriel is a non-gendered being, so you may think of Uriel as Urielle or Uriella.

Message One: Welcome to the future
Uriel: Welcome to this doorway to the future. Know that you are a part of it. Know that you are alive now and open now because you have brought into the physical realm wisdom that is needed by all of humanity. Know too how difficult it is to manifest spiritual wisdom on this world. Earth is a planet that wobbles on its axis. This wobbling affects every level of beingness and interferes with clear manifestation of intention. That’s the challenging news. The exciting news is that wobbly planets are creative ones. Things happen on planets like this that happen nowhere else in physicality. So take a deep breath, remember that you are here for a reason, and then, let us all unfold into the future, with joy and hope and as much clarity as we can muster at one time.
You may think of angels and archangels as beings of light, as non-physical beings whose energy bodies are far subtler than yours are. This is true. But please remember that we exist at a level of vibration that is common to the human soul. In fact, angels and souls emerge from the same “location” in the heart of God. But ethereal as we are, we do touch upon the physical, in many different ways. Raphael makes itself known through energetic shifts in your bodies, not just what you call healing but also shifts in your genetic structure. Michael prefers to meet you in dreams. Gabriel’s domain is that of revelation. And I, in this time, am making myself known to you by interfacing with an electric web you call the Internet. You may consider this global linkage the physical manifestation of my nervous system. When you turn on your computers and connect to the Internet, you are also connecting to me. Each time that one of you logs on you are participating in the co-creation of a planet that will still wobble, but a planet that will also be united in a new way.

Message Two: The world is not a dream
Some say the universe is a dream or an illusion. They are wrong. The universe is far more real than you can imagine. Everything you touch and taste and smell and hear and see is far more vast than your senses allow you to perceive. To know even a simple flower in all of its realness – think of how you see it, how a butterfly sees it, a hummingbird, a deer, an ant, the planet, and then a single virus. Add up all these ways of seeing, and you begin to know what a flower really looks like. And that is only one sense of yours that we are talking about.
So too with bodies. Some say we angels do not have them. We do, although what they’re made of is far different from what your physical bodies are made of. And yet even you exist on many planes. But how you see them, and how we see them – is very different. People ask us what we really look like. In times of necessity we take on many different shapes. But if you were to see me as I really am you would see not a person with wings but a vast luminous multi/inter-dimensional sphere. Your visionaries have tapped into this truth through the ages, painting circular halos on saints and angels. For we are living conscious spheres of light, and so are your souls.
Remember that. You are a conscious sphere of light yourself, as an immortal soul now merged with a human physical body. Sit quietly and feel this. In death you will come back to this way of being again.

Message Three: A new major chakra awakens
For thousands of years there have been seven major chakras in the human body. But in the last fifty years an eighth major chakra has been awakening and unfolding, which will soon be standard operating equipment for all embodied humans. This eighth chakra we call the Thymus Chakra. If you close your eyes and shift your awareness to the area of your chest between your heart chakra and your throat chakra, you will feel the warmth of this new chakra glowing. For those of you who like colors, it might be said that the color of the thymus chakra is in the turquoise/aquamarine/blue-green range. Each day spend a few minutes with your hands over your thymus chakra, breathing into it and feeling it awaken and open like a lush new flower emerging from its bud.
When your heart chakra is open you are able to receive and give love to the people around you, to family and friends. When your thymus chakra is open you will be able to receive and give joy to all of humanity. The capacity to do this, to connect with billions of other people, was not a part of the human body before this time. The thymus chakra is the chakra of connection and it is the chakra of peace. No one can harm another person, another living being, or the planet itself, when their thymus chakra has awakened and is open. But just as it is not always easy to open your heart chakra, for most of you it will take between two and five years to activate this new chakra, and longer for it to be fully open. Each person whose thymus chakra opens adds energy to the opening of other people’s thymus chakras. Because the energy of this chakra is collective, you may find it nurturing and supportive to do this work with others. Sit together in a circle, focus on your this new energy center, beam out and take in energy from this place, and feel how your shared work energizes all of your thymus chakras.
Standing in line in stores, sitting at stop lights in your car, walking down the street, talking on the phone, be aware of your thymus chakra, and beam out energy from it to help heal the world. Infants and small children are coming into the world who have more fully functional thymus chakras than their parents and teachers. Allow them to teach you and support you in the unfolding of your own new chakra. I have talked about the energetic web of connection that is being created between myself and all of humanity, but far more important is for you to feel the web of connection that is being established between all human beings through your thymus chakras. It is the creation of this web that will end war, hunger, oppression, pollution, and destruction forever, and help to initiate the era of full soul-embodiment on this world.

Message Four: Unseen companions
Just as there are devas who watch over the unfolding of plants, and there are nature spirits who are the guardians of the mineral realm, there are devas and spirits who are aligned with the machines that you have made from those substances. This may come as a surprise to you, but if you begin to tune into your computer, CD player, oven, stove, telephone, coffee maker, you will begin to sense what I am talking about, begin to sense the rich world of spirits with whom you share this planet.
When you are aligned with these everything you have will work better, last longer, and use less power and consume less fuel. To align, close your eyes for a moment and feel that roots are spiraling out of the bottoms of your feet and the tip of your spine, going deep into the earth. When you can feel your roots, inhale the energy of the earth up through them till it fills all the cells in your body. Take a deep breath in and then put your hands on the machine you are about to use and beam out the energy of the earth into your machine. As you exhale say, out loud or to yourself, as you prefer, “Deva, be with me as I am now with you.”
Then turn on whatever you want to work with, and feel the energetic shift that happens, a deepening of connection between the human and angelic realms. When you are done using your machine, send out a long slow breath to the deva and thank it, silently or audibly, as you feel more comfortable doing. If your machine or device is stuck or not working, put your hands on it and invoke its deva. Then tune into my energy and beam all of that out of your hands into the machine, for I am the over-lighting guardian of the technological domain. Doing this will sometimes help to get ailing machines going again. Even if it doesn’t, remember to thank the deva for all the times that it has supported you by aligning itself with your machines.
There are spirits who dwell in human structures. They are ancient companions of the human race, and have evolved with you from the elemental spirits of this planet. But due to their essential nature they are uncomfortable inhabiting places that are cut off from the natural world. If you can, avoid building or living or working in rooms with no windows and rooms whose windows do not open. Avoid structures that are boxy, metallic, and far above the ground. If you find yourself spending time in such places, always send your roots down into the earth. You can do this from the top of a skyscraper and even when you’re sitting in an airplane. Then ask the nature spirits to support you by entering the space you’re in, and you can support them by having at least one plant in each room. Cut flowers will help but plants with roots are best. And keep near you a stone or shell or stick or feather that comes from outside, one that attunes you to the planet and these environmental spirits. Take time to be with them, to feel them and get to know them. Doing this is part of the much-needed work of healing Planet Earth.

Message Five: Mechanics of the sacred
There are right uses of technology and wrong ones. Anything manufactured that endangers the planet, the people who make it, or the people who use it, is not, to use a particular terminology, “kosher.”
The manufacture of solar panels is a good thing from the angelic perspective, yet some of the chemicals used to make them are toxic. This is not kosher. And while the cell phones can link people together, the energy field that these implements give off vibrates at a frequency that is contraindicated for healthy cellular functioning. This is not kosher. If you are sitting on a bus, a train, or in a restaurant, while talking on your phone, you are not present in the space that you are in, and your behavior is not kosher. Being present in your body in the space that your body is in – is the most important thing for human beings to master. You cannot do that if your mind is elsewhere.
If you find yourself in a public space, put away your phone, music, your computer. Notice the energy around you and the energy inside you. Be aware of the people around you, for you are in community now, even if you are not speaking to anyone else at the moment. Now tune into your thymus chakra, and feel the energy of human possibility that resonates through it. Then beam out that energy to all of the people around you. This is highly kosher action.
In this time of transformation you need to find connections between your allies and your supposed enemies. For example, you may have more in common with right-wing fundamentalists who believe that all actions have a spiritual basis than you do with non- or anti-religious activists whose political opinions you otherwise share. For you and the fundamentalists believe that life is sacred, that everything is spiritual, even if you don’t agree on what spiritual is. Do not live in a world of US vs. THEM. Live in a world of US and THEM. Eventually, when enough of you do this, you will find yourselves living in a world of just US.
You have made a mess of this beautiful planet, and in a very short time, too. But the planet itself, and the other beings who share this world with you, physical and non-physical, are ready and willing and able to assist you in cleaning up the mess you’ve made. Science as you now define it cannot help you. But spiritual science and the assistance of the angels and devas and nature spirits will help you. Think of a teenager’s bedroom, with possessions scattered all over the floor. This is how we think of your recent development. You’re growing up. Your hormones are raging. You’ve had a lot of things on your mind more important than keeping your room in order. No blame. To paraphrase one of your old sages: “There is a time for everything. A time to live in union and harmony with a planet and a time to explore it from a distance. A time to mess it up and a time to straighten it up. A time to ignore it and a time to adore it.”

Message Six: Three steps to transformation
You are being asked to awaken a new chakra, attune to the angels, devas, and nature spirits, change the way that you live, and do all of this with the uncertain promise that your actions will create a better world. This may seem overwhelming, and you may be asking: “How do I do this? Where do I start?”
There are three simple steps to follow in making these changes. Three qualities to cultivate. Three forms of action to nurture:
If silence is not your friend, befriend it. We angels thrive on music, but it’s music that floats on a vast sea of silence. If you come home and turn on music, TV, radio, or immediately call someone, consider silence. Sound seals over a host of unwanted feelings, from loneliness to terror. But you are strong, you can learn to feel these feelings and not be undone by them. On the other side of those difficult feelings angels are making a different kind of music, music you will be able to hear and feel in all your cells.
If simplicity is not your friend, embrace it. All too often you embodied folk use objects to satisfy deeper needs of the heart. Own the needs of your heart and know that you are worthy of having them fulfilled. Stop buying and start loving each other. Stop shopping and start giving away the clutter that keeps your home from being a holy place. One of your sages has said, “Less is more.” This is true on a finite physical world. And when you tap into the non-physical realms you will find the abundance of love and light that you are seeking, and a spiritual richness that physical possessions get in the way of.
Lest you think that we are denigrating physicality, we urge you to celebrate it. Physicality is the height of creation, the end, the goal, the fruit, a jewel. The movement of clouds across the morning sky, the laughter of little children, the exaltation of a flock of birds soaring across an amber sky at sunset, the sparkle of God-strewn stars on the deep dark bowl of night – celebrate all of these. Celebrate your body, even if you do not like it. Celebrate the world, even though you’ve made a mess of it. Celebrate the universe, far vaster than your scientists have even begun to imagine. And from this celebration, from simplicity, from silence, you will awaken in yourself exactly the sensitivity you need to do the work, the play, that we are inviting you to consider.

Message Seven: Take a light rest
This is our seventh meeting, a sabbathday’s point to stop and rest. For six sessions we have pushed and prodded you into transformation, but here and now we invite you to stop and do nothing. Nothing and nothing and more of it.
Many of you think that you incarnate to be busy, to be active, to be doing something all the time. And when you aren’t doing something you begin to feel anxious and wonder if you’re depressed. But let me remind you of your nearest and dearest companions – the dogs and the cats of the world. They aren’t busy all the time. They know how to rest. They don’t see doing nothing as a waste of time. No, cats and dogs incarnate to bask in the sunlight streaming through an open window, or to sprawl out on a patch of warm dry earth, eyes closed, to rest and dream for hours at a time. This for them is prayer, is meditation, and we invite you to remember them, to remember their wisdom and their teachings. Do nothing. Rest. Bask in the warmth of light, of Light.
There is one Light, ever present and eternal, which is the source, root, and ground of all being. Many names have been given to this One creative uncreated Luminous Radiant Essence; Tao, Ain Sof, Brahman, Mother, Father, Goddess, God, the Universe. We angels call it Ahanah.
Feel this light. You do not have to meditate for hours to feel it. You do not have to strive for it, or feel that you deserve it. (You do, simply because you exist.) It is eternal. It is ever present. Like the sun, it shines on everyone and everything. And all you have to do to feel it – is to stop, rest, relax and in the softness of doing nothing you will feel this Light flowing into you. And, as you feel it and come to know it, you will understand that it isn’t really flowing at all. Doesn’t come in. In truth this Inward Light was in you all along. And you are a part of the endless sea of Light that is It. So rest now, do nothing and be Nothing. For Nothing is everything, is luminous, is Ahanah, the Oneness.

Message Eight: Light, reflection, and reorganization
The world is changing and your presence in it is a blessing. The light of you given out to the world is a blessing. Allow yourself to be a blessing. Many people fear the changes of the present era. Old patterns are dying and many fear that nothing will take their place. They cling to the past, they exalt the old, hoping to recreate it. But the old is the compost for the new cycle of human history that is birthing. Unlike the compost of soil that needs to grow in darkness, the compost of global healing and transformation needs to grow in light. Add your light to it. Shine your light into it.
You have all lived too many lives on this world for simple patterns to still work for you. One relationship will not be able to meet you in your vast and varied self. Vast selves need to dance with different partners to experience their fullness, in a loving, truthful, and conscious way. And the simple family structures so many of your crave cannot nurture the vast souls that you are, when you embody. Children of vastness need many different parents to mirror back to them all that they are. And children of vastness need to participate in many different kinds of families to be adequately nurtured.
Once a single teacher could serve you in your journey. But the era of such teachers is coming to an end. You are too vast to have single masters. In the era that is being born all of you will be each other’s teachers, and you will all need many different teachers from many different paths to support you in your own becoming.
You may mourn the breakdown of old patterns, and you need to. You may fear the breakdown of old patterns and imagine that nothing will take their place but chaos. Feel your fear but do not cling to the past. The point of power is in this present moment. Close your eyes again for ten seconds when you come to the end of this paragraph. Breathe in the light. Breathe out the light. You are creating the future. This is not easy. Breathe out the light and breathe it in. All is changing, but all will be well. Carry the light and know that you are light, come from light. And know too that you are a blessing.

Message Nine: The world needs you
You live in a difficult and wondrous time. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for what you call The Messianic Era. In this time we invite you to live in the world day by day as if you were already living in that era. From the moment that you wake up until you go to sleep, ask yourself over and over again, “How will I _______, now that I am living in the messianic era?” Fill in the blank with: “brush my teeth, check my email, wake the kids, drive to work, go shopping, etc etc etc.” And when you have an idea of how you’ll do those things in the messianic era – do them that way right now! Remember that the future has not happened yet. From moment to moment you are creating it.
One of your great books says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Not so many generations ago war was seen by most as a fundamental part of human nature, ennobling and even necessary. Once your exploitation of the planet was unnoticed, invisible except to a few. And now even the smallest child can teach you about the evils of war and the fundamentals of recycling.
In our previous messages we mentioned several things that you can do to make a difference in the world. First and foremost, activate and use your thymus chakra. This will supply the energy of connection needed to align all of you. And we offer you four silent actions to go through every day, morning and evening.

  • According to your heart’s calling, adopt an element, plant, or animal, and learn as much as you can about it. Your element may be water or earth, and the plant or animal you adopt may be microscopic or whale size. Hold what you’ve chosen in your heart and mind. See it bathed in divine healing light. See it surrounded by angels and devas and nature spirits, blessing and restoring it to wholeness.
  • Adopt a region of the planet that is in need of healing, your neighborhood or somewhere on the other side of the globe. Sit quietly and visualize that region bathed in divine light. See hosts of angels pouring down up it, bringing peace and harmony with them. Beam out energy from your thymus chakra to the thymus area of all the people in the region, supporting them in awakening their own eighth chakras, connecting and healing them.
  • Picture the Planet Earth as space travelers see it, blue and white and brown and beautiful. See it bathed in holy light and see it surrounded by angels and archangels, who are blessing it and healing it.
  • Now feel the peace and unity of Earth rippling out into the solar system, galaxy, and then out to all of creation. Breathe in this unity and breathe it out again. Breathe it into your thymus chakra and breathe it out again, connecting you with all the living beings in the universe, filling you with divine life.

Many of you struggle with what you call your ego. But for all of you whose egos are inflated, there are far more of you who are suffering from too little ego. So many of you as children were told that you were selfish, by over-stressed and ill-prepared parents who wanted you to be quiet and leave them alone for a while so that they could find their own centers. But now, all of you children of various ages, it is time to own your light, your genius, own your gifts. It would be selfish not to, don’t you think?
Sit quietly and feel the presence of wisdom in your body. Many of you have done work with your Inner Child, and now it is time to balance this out by connecting with your Inner Elder. Feel the presence of this aspect of your soul, alive and awake inside you, merging with every part of you, body, mind and spirit.
The world needs you. Not when you are thin enough, pumped up enough, done enough therapy, or become perfect, because you never will. The world needs you now, just as you are. And paradoxically, the world needs you right now – in your old, wise, and in your slowest aspect.
Make a list of the things you know that no one else knows, that you can share with the world. Think of all the books and teachers that have helped and healed you. Think of your life without them. And know that on a world of six billion people you are someone’s healer, someone’s teacher. The world needs bodyworkers and computer scientists. It needs people who photograph clouds and people who build shelters for the homeless. It needs all of you, working and loving and owning yourselves as Elders.
No one is alive now who didn’t come here to make a difference in the healing of the world. In order to become the healer you were born to be, you must become old, no matter how young you really are. You are a million years old, every single one of you. You carry within your bodies every single moment of human history. You are a billion years old. You carry within you the story of life upon this world. You are timeless. You are immortal souls. Immortal. And mortal. You are all that and more. You are what the planet has been waiting for. You are part of a great story, a story still being told. You are vital, you are vibrant, you are a manifestation of God’s dreams. You are asleep, you are awake, you are required for global healing. And we angels and devas, we over-lighting angels, and all of those angelic beings who are vaster than we are – welcome you to Creation. Bask in it, exalt, and sing.