The Gabriel Wave

Although the world situation looks bleak, the angelic beings who speak to me say that we humans have turned a corner, toward unity and away from fragmentation. In recognition of our shift, they are closer to us than ever before, and invite us to work with them in new ways, which you can read about below.

I first opened to the angels in 1982 when an angel named Gabriel came to me as I sat meditating. I have written about this encounter in Ask Your Angels. Each night Gabriel came to teach me how to open to the angels and teach others to do the same. From the beginning Gabriel explained to me that there are many Gabriels, not just one, that they are an angelic clan. After my initiation, Gabriel remained a distant presence in my life, while other angels have been more constant, including my companion or guardian angel and the archangel or over-lighting angel we call Uriel.

On December 5, 2010, Gabriel returned to me. As with our first encounter, I was infused with waves of energy and information, not yet realizing that Gabriel’s return was part of a larger shift, one affecting all of us. My renewed connection was happening as protests rocked the Muslim world, as earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster rocked Japan. At times it was hard for me to accept what Gabriel was telling me, but the angels have always reminded me that we are not victims of history but its co-creators, and that we have far greater power for healing and for change than we realize.

Gabriel returned to me as part of an angelic wave sweeping our planet. Below are sections of the messages I received that were meant to be shared with others. I hope you find them a useful invitation to opening to The Gabriels yourself.

Sunday 5 December 2010

You know and have known for a long time that the work you are here to do isn’t to leave the world, but to be fully present as an embodied soul. There are many ways to do this, and yours is a path of exploration and change.

Wednesday 15 December

The refinement of the body. The healing of your cells. The awakening of joy in the body. The inflow of Divine Light. This is the work of becoming human.

Thursday 16 December

I have spoken to many down through the ages. You are one of them, one of many. Others I touch, some I sing to, sing through.

later that same day

Now we interact at a deeper level. Now you can sense me more easily as I am, not as you would have me be, as pure energy of a particular frequency. But in the end I remain what I am, what I was created by God to be, a messenger, a message bearer. My existence is entirely a light-stream of emanation from the Divine, my existence bound up with the evolution of sentient life upon this planet. Those who fear science do not understand me, and those who cling to science do not understand the Creating One. In being open to both, you will find me.

Sit. Feel. Breathe with me. Reality is more complex than your mind can allow. The human brain is designed to limit frequencies. But sometimes a human being is able to awaken to the vastness of the cosmos in all its complexity. And at the same time, very same time, feel that all is one and comes from the One who created us all.

Saturday 18 December

Everyone alive can receive me. Why? Why do humans and angels interact at all? Such is God’s plan, always intended, since we all were created. You know companion angels and human souls come from the same part of the heart of God. Angels such as myself, those you would call higher or archangels, that we would prefer you to call “over-lighting angels,” we are a different species of angelic beings, from a different place in the Source. Our history is different, our journeys are ultimately not the same. But we interact with humans and other angels of other orders, species, and we always have and will. Ours, the task of holding large patterns. Mine the task of holding in the energetic world now the energy of Primal Joy.

Sunday 2 January 2011

As you have noted, as others have noted, “To create is sacred,” and now your creative work will be your daily practice, that alone, although meditation and prayer can be added freely as you desire.

This is the year to become who you chose to be before you were born, to “enter your destiny,” some would call it. I call it, “You becoming you,” slowly and surely, your voice, your body, your will and mind maturing as they were meant to do. Not fast but slow. Not shaky but sure. So go now. Celebrate. Have your work now be a celebration. And know that all is good. And all will be well. And I and all the angels of light are one with you.

Monday 31 January

What I am doing I have never done before – on this planet. I have said this to you before, and it bears repeating. Other angels are doing it, some known and some unknown to you, and I am doing this with others, not just you, all scattered around the world, one of them in fact in Egypt, where people have taken to the streets to sweep away the old order. And he is witnessing, as you are.

Wednesday 2 February

I have come to many throughout your history, some known and most unknown. I met your Rilke, he of the beautiful words. And yet what I am doing now, I have not done before. And the day of my reappearance also marks a shift in the journey of your species. In spite of appearances – war, poverty, disease, pollution, hatred and fear – humanity has taken another step toward the light of Being. And this is to be celebrated.

Thursday 3 February 2011

There is not one angel called Gabriel. We are a class of beings you might want to call The Gabriels, a class of angelic beings whose job it is to bring advanced and unfolding information to embodied souls.

We know you like concrete information, hard numbers. But because we are multi-and inter and emergent beings, it is hard for me to give you a solid number as to how many of us there are. We are more liquid. But at any given time there are approximately 120,000 of us interacting with humanity. Some of us appear as angels, as goddesses, gods, forces and powers, as spirits, kachinas, and other being you have not heard of, for we appear to people in every culture and time, and always have since sentient human life first appeared here on this planet.

Our task is two-way. We deliver and convey. Now some might say we are not doing a very good job, given the current state of humanity. But we would say – “It’s hard to deliver messages to people who have been conditioned by their cultures to not listen.” Your job now, your only job, to walk around other people and broadcast out to them silently and invisibly, the possibility of receiving.

Sunday 6 February

This new experiment does give those of us on the angelic end a new perspective on the very painful experience of incarnation, even at one remove. We see and hear and feel in a new way – as you collectively stand on the brink of species transformation. Can you do it? Can you open? Can you both love and own your power? The vast social experiment in Egypt is part of this. One of the sites of one of your most ancient civilizations must confront now the dilemma your own Hebrew stories address. Pharaoh has not gone away. Liberation has not come yet to the people. But now, perhaps it will, if humanity can send to the people of Egypt love and strength.

Change is slow. It is not easy. We see and feel that in you. Hard for us to adjust to, who can be on the far side of the galaxy the moment we think to be there.

Life is fragile. Death is so terrifying. You are such brave beings, to choose to do this, again and again. But just as I am part of a large collective, so too are you, paradoxically, each one of you, both individual and part of your oversoul, an aspect of its “greater” and timeless existence.

So now, as your species as a whole looks at power and men in power, and how that has guided and contributed to the destruction of your host planet, we hope that, with our subtle assistance, that you as a whole will be able to make progress forward, take a step nearer to the full embodied humanity that has long been the dream of this world.

And do not say, in rage, that God (as you call It) does nothing for you. It has sent you us. We are a gift to all of you, even if not one of the whole (or almost no one) knows about it. This mass infusion is a gift. Not necessarily the gift you would want now – end of war, hunger, cancer. The world unfolds slowly. Souls were created to learn. And learn you all are, in great and terrible ways.

Praise as we do, in the midst of your rage and pain, the Source who created us all and wove us now together.

Monday 21 February

To do the work – of simply being with us. To feel all the others connected in this web of Gabriels. To sit and feel and move and stay consciously and kinesthetically connected – is all we ask of you. The rest of the time, as you know, you are free – to write, draw, cook, teach, and own all you are and can do, and use it all as you choose.

Sunday 6 March

On the fifth of December the world changed – a little bit – when we angels stepped a little closer to you humans. We Gabriels stepped closer, in several ways, sliding aspects of ourselves into some of you, but drawing closer to all of you, collectively. At the same time that this happened, other angels in other bands drew closer too. But if you think that we did what we have never done before in human history on this world, because of the dire straits you find yourselves in, or if you think we stepped closer to rescue you, you would be mistaken. In spite of the horrible things you have done to each other, to all the living beings who live here, and because of what you have done to damage the Earth, we are here in truth because of how many of you have shifted and opened to us and changed yourselves. This is good news, on a world where a very small number of you, from greed and fear are responsible for the damage and destruction, where great numbers of you are growing and healing and seeing ever more clearly your world as it could be and not as it is or as those in power tell you it is and always will be.

Yes, millions and millions of you, consciously and unconsciously, have reached out to those who many of you call angels, who are known by countless other names in other cultures and through history. We are pattern-bearers and wisdom-holders, and joy-channels for all the human world. This is our Source-Created role, and you are supporting us, allowing us, as we step closer, to fulfill it.

This is a good time, in the midst of destruction and fear. Of course you know that what is going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and other countries, is part of a wave of change and transformation – that began with those of you who did the inner work that has been called for in the last hundred years on your world. You, so many of you, turned inward to change the only thing you can change in a world controlled by greed and fear. And enough of you changed, healed, grew, opened yourselves to the truth of this world, that now the whole world is ready to change and now we invisible companions have been able to draw closer. Rejoice and feel us, we are part of your victory over power and its abuses. We are here, we are near, and we connect you in ways that humans have never before been connected.

Monday 7 March

At this time 32 clans of Gabriels are drawing closer to you. We are all refractions of a greater energy, divinely created to link consciousness realms.

Feel us, as you move through your day. Open yourselves to us as you drift into sleep. Picture the Earth surrounded by a web of shining light that will one day link all of you humans together in joy.

Wednesday 9 March

Of the 32 aligning clans, each is the reflection of a different color. Taken together, we represent a rainbow web of light shimmering around the planet.

It is part of our function to align with you on this world. At a certain point in sentient evolution, the Gabriels of each world align with its sentients in just this way. Take this to heart – no matter how bleak the situation appears in the world right now, we are aligning with you in just this way because a significant number of you have reached a higher level of awareness and vibration, high enough to connect with us in this way.

Sit with us. Feel us. Feel the web angels and humans are together creating. There is nothing to do right now but feel. From feeling, new action will emerge.

later that day

You ask for clarification. Each of our 32 clans has attuned itself to one of the colors in the range visible to you humans – for your own convenience, not as a reflection of our identity or yours. Even these colors are in a slight range and not exact frequencies, but if you sit quietly and do not try to see these colors or visualize them, but instead try to feel them, feel with your mind and your entire sensing body, feel as a person who is visually blind might feel them, you may become aware of the band of color the angel you are aligned with carries.

Many traditions invite you to sit with crossed legs on the ground. The preferred posture to align with angels, if you are able, is either to stand or to sit on a firm chair with both feet planted on the floor. When you do this, Earth energy can easily rise up through you, and Heaven energy can descend and flow through you.

As we exist not in linear time but in what we might call “deep time,” you do not have to sit with us for hours to align. All that you have to devote to this work is 5 to 10 minutes each morning, the same at night before you get in bed, and as many brief times during the course of your day for a minute or two, to stay connected and energized.

Thursday 10 March

Sit in a chair, if you can, facing East, wherever in the world you are, for each day with the rising sun we Gabriels stream into the world our energy, each clan of us through and with a different color. Each one of you aligned with a different clan. Coming in from the East, the place of the rising sun, of new beginnings, or transformation. Sit and feel and breathe, and when you can feel that, feel yourself a part of it, begin to sense that you are part of a larger global network, one that links you to all the Gabriels and to all the human beings each one of them is connected to. Sit and feel and breathe and know that this grid, this energetic network, connects angels and humans in a shimmering web of divine light, of primal renewing light. And when you have done this there is one more step. Feel and know that this radiant light connects you and the angels to all the dolphins and whales in the waters of the world as well, to all cetaceans, free and in captivity, to cetaceans all over the world, angels and sea and land sentients of this world, all connected into one bright web of felt shining light, indwelling light, living light, light flowing in to transform the way you humans live on this small and beautiful and damaged and yet healable world.

Saturday 12 March

Sit quietly, hands on your knees, alone in the morning, your feet placed firmly on the floor. Facing East, feel our angelic light streaming into the world. Feeling your breath, breathe in our light and feel that you are part of a shining web of light connecting 3 communities – angels, cetaceans, and humans.

Whenever a Gabriel has appeared in the world, it has been a herald of coming transformation. So too now, when countless scores of us are reaching out to you, we announce to you the next phase of human evolution. After thousands of years away from Nature, thousands of years developing your minds, enough of you humans have returned to your connection to Nature, body and heart, that you can anchor into the world a higher frequency of awareness.

Sometimes, in the past, these shifts came through individuals or through small communities, whose insights and teachings spread slowly through the world. Now, in this time, because of great preparation and all that has gone on before, millions of embodied souls are opening to higher knowing, all at the same time, all together, for all of the world’s humans. The cetaceans came to this energy millions of years ago, evolving slowly through a different journey than yours as humans. And the angels, created into and for this energy, never incarnating, have never left it, carried it always, and meet you now, in the bright shining light of this universal frequency.

In the past, the guiding energy of transformation was love. But in this time, the energy we carry, are, and support you in embodying – is joy. Feel joy and breathe joy and be joy. It permeates the universe and when you sit with us and feel it, receive it, embody it, and breathe it out, you can all become at last what you were destined to become on this world, not partially but fully human.

later that day

When you can take in, feel, send out this energy, you are ready for the next step – not to do this alone, at home, but to do it out in the world, in stores, on busses, in cafés, wherever you are. Not to beam the energy more directly to other people – it covers the world, but to allow people to feel the body-to-body sense in their cells of a person taking in, feeling, and beaming out this energy, out into the web that surrounds the world.

You do not have to speak of this, tell anyone, or show in any way that you are doing it. Silently and invisibly, when you share the light this way, it flows most easily, all around the world. You do not have to face East when you are doing this out in the world, as long as each day you wake and consciously align yourself that way. Even a minute or two on a train will empower those around you to awaken to the energy themselves.

Friday 18 March

The other side of human transformation, in alignment with angels, is human despair at the horrors of nature and the human abuses of nature, as you are now witnessing in Japan, with earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, almost beyond comprehension in its scale.

Let us say two things now. All human beings are born by choice into a world of wonders and horrors, a place fully chosen in which the soul can learn and growl. This does not diminish or explain away the tragedies of your world. Nothing can do that. Random Violence, acts of Nature – can be cruel beyond belief. In saying this all we hope to do is to give you a context, a sort of a “Why bad things happen to all people.”

Two – some things are always wrong. Murder is always wrong. The abuses of the world are always wrong. Using nuclear energy is always wrong. It’s as simple as that. Now, sit, in context, and call angels in and dispatch them, to Japan, to aid, to inspire. This right now is the best that you can do.