Iben-Alti: A Tool for Planetary Change

Copyright © Andrew Ramer 2000

Iben-Alti is a technique that can bring us back into harmony with the planet and heal the imbalances and destruction we have caused here. Like Reiki, it’s a method of taking in and directing a universal healing energy. Unlike Reiki, Iben-Alti isn’t used for individual healing but is directed to the planet, to the air, water, and to all the beings who live here. Iben-Alti means Earth-Cleanse. It was taught to me by a member of a collective of disembodied teachers who are committed to supporting human transformation and global healing.

There are six steps in Iben-Alti: Opening, Life, Water, Air, Earth, and Closing. Each step has a different symbol, sound, and hand posture.

To begin Iben-Alti, close your eyes, notice your breath and any tension in your body. Relax and lightly massage yourself wherever you can reach from head to toe, to prepare your cells for receiving the energy of Iben-Alti. With your hands resting in your lap say the Opening Prayer. Now visualize the Opening symbol behind you like a halo that reaches from the top of your head to the tip of your spine. Then chant the Opening sound in the same register in which you hum. The symbol and sound will align and open you to the energy, which will begin to pour into your back and then flow out to every part of your body. At first the energy may not seem very clear but the more you do the Opening the stronger it will become. You may feel it as warmth or coolness, as vibration or tingling, and you may see or sense it as a honey-golden light filling your body.
When you are filled with energy you are ready to do steps 2 through 5, sending out energy to living beings, and to the water, air, and the planet itself. Before each of these steps, rest your hands in your lap as you do the chant and visualize the symbol for that step. Then bring your hands into the corresponding position and let the energy flow out through your palms. As you do each step you may want to visualize the energy going to particular species and see them healing and thriving again, see the water, air, and earth becoming clear and clean. You can also send energy to specific locations that are in need of healing. Although this energy often streams out through the hands, notice where it flows in your body and send it out from there.

When you have finished Step 5, fold your arms across your chest, chant the Closing sound and visualize the Closing symbol. Then say the Closing Prayer and massage your body again to ground the energy in your cells. When you are first practicing Iben-Alti do each step for only a minute or two, to allow your cells to get used to running this energy. Gradually work your way up to 10 or 15 minutes for all six steps. You can do Iben-Alti inside or out, at any hour, as often as you like, alone and with others, sitting or standing. You may want to do it when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Iben-Alti can be an adjunct to prayer or meditation. See what works best for you.

Opening prayer:

Infinite Source of all that is,
fill us with Your divine eternal light
so that we become
channels of cleansing and healing
for the world and for all who live here.




Closing prayer:

Infinite Source of all that is,
Thank You for Your light.
Thank You for this healing.
Thank You for this pathway back to wholeness.
May it be a blessing for the world.

Before you teach anyone else Iben-Alti, please practice it twice a day for a week. There is never to be any charge for teaching Iben-Alti. It belongs to all of us. The transmission of Iben-Alti is complete. Nothing will be added to it, changed, or taken away. But there are thousands of different ways to heal ourselves and the planet, and we need to discover all of them and learn what works best for each of us.