The Seeker

And the days of Adam after he begat Seth were eight hundred years; and he begat sons and daughters. And all the days that Adam lived were nine
hundred and thirty years; and he died. Genesis 5:4-5
Jerah was the youngest son of Eve and Adam. Even as a boy he knew that he was different from his many brothers and their sons and from the sons of his many sisters. When he was older he set out to find someone else who was like him. He walked and wandered from village to village and town to town, to all the places where they had settled, but nowhere did he meet anyone who was like him. Weary, after months of wandering, he came to the village of his favorite sister, Hodesh.
Now Hodesh had a son named Naam, and Naam was the same age as Jerah. When Jerah and Naam looked at each other for the first time, their hearts like birds flew out of their breasts toward each other. And their lips called out the other’s true name. And their bodies opened, one to the other, so that their souls could dance joyfully together on the earth.
Jerah and Naam built for themselves a house of stone in the village established by Hodesh. They lived there happily for seven hundred and twenty-eight years, in midst of their family. And they were buried side by side in the cave where first they had buried Hodesh.