Genesis Chapter Zero

Genesis: Chapter Zero
Chapter Zero, Verse 1:
Before God began to create anything, before there was heaven or earth, night or day, good or bad, in or out, up or down, God said, “I must create Myself.”
Chapter Zero, Verse 2:
And in the vast limitless nothingness of Its allness, with no borders or boundaries, no directions and no distinctions in Its infinite eternal Self, God said, “Let there be Me.”
Chapter Zero, Verse 3:
Then God stirred and stretched and shrank and strived and sighed and surged until She became who He is. And Her isness is who He always was and always will be, in the midst of Her sacred unfolding. And God called Himself Whole and saw everything that was possible from Her radiant wholeness. And there was Someone, and there was somewhen; and from that somewhen, God was finally ready to begin to create a somewhere.